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In year 1999, Dr. Robert L Boyd (University Of Pacific, San Francisco) introduced a new system which is practically invisible. Removable Appliance in a form of thermoplastic (like bleaching tray or night  guard). This system is known as ‘Essix System’. Appliance is made up of Essix C+ plastic Material of intermediate stiffness.

            This appliance is capable to move teeth 0.25 mm in every stage approximately 15 Days. After 15 days new set of appliance is worn by the patient. Again doing 0.25 mm activation as per requirement and so on…..

            Computerized aided technology (CAD) prepares new appliance till the treatment is finished routine protocol of relation is followed and observed.


            Upper and lower rubber base impressions are required. For detail diagnosis

            Othopantogram, Leteral, Cephelogram, Centric Occlusion, Bite Registration and photographs are required.

            CAD-CAM technology creates three diamensional  DIGITAL MODEL. Scanned impression Of patient and computer images are converted to physical model by STERIOLITHOGRAPHY.

            After clinician’s final approval of treatment sequences are divided into stages which have maximum movement potential of 0.25 mm per 15 days.

            As explained previously laboratory prepares series of appliances with CAD-CAM technology guidance. It is interesting to know that this appliance can practically do many complex tooth movement like Tipping, Torque, Rotations, Extrusion, Intrusion , Midline diastema Closure, Mesial And Distal Movements, CL II and CL III movements, Anterior Space Closure and Provisional bridge.


            Appliance is invisible, Users Friendly, Complex tooth Movement are possible.

            It provides esthetics for adult patient. It can be used in patients with short roots, deep over bite correction, reduces myofunctional problems like clenching and grinding. This appliance can be used in the patients of fixed porcelain bridge.

            25 to 30 upper and lower appliances needed for incremental movements for which compliance of the patient is must. Interproximal reduction may require for correction of crowding. Fixed appliance may be needed for complicated cases to finish treatment.


            CAD-CAM technology assistance in India every 3 sets of appliance & laboratory charges are approximately  Rs. 10000. and in western countries laboratory charges may go up to Rs. 1 Lac. 


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